Spirit Evocation

For those spirits who don't appear spontaneously there is the route of evocation, which basically means calling upon a certain spirit (or group of spirits) to appear to the medium. There are advantages and disadvantages to both the spontaneous and evocation routes. For instance, with spontaneous manifestations we are at more of a risk for... Continue Reading →

Spirit Obsession

Relationships between mortals and spirits can be viewed in a positive or negative light. Sometimes when we encounter spirits the information given (and the experience in general) is enlightening and helpful. Other times we encounter spirits who just want to joke around, or who pose as well-meaning characters as a sort of trick. Identifying spirits... Continue Reading →

ghost words 10.28.2018 9:46 pm

another time the wind broke it fell from the ceiling to the cellar it called so gently but who really knows why it or knows how it or really even ever learned our language after a lifetime living underground in tunnels dug out with spoons and the flat side of tin-can lids how did i... Continue Reading →

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