Day 126: Romanichals in the Ozarks

Romani people in the US have been subjected to underrepresentation and antiziganism for centuries. This post will be a short look at Romani populations in the Ozarks and how exactly they got here. Through the ancestor research I've been doing over the past couple of years I've managed to get many answers about my own... Continue Reading →

Day 100: The Bluff-Dwellers

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the ancient “Bluff-Dwellers” of the Ozarks. Mark Harrington wrote a nice account of the archaeological evidence in a book entitled “The Ozark Bluff Dwellers”; he even lists the archaeological sites associated with these ancient peoples (I’ve been to several of these sites). The consensus amongst researchers seems to be... Continue Reading →

Day 65: Lake Fayetteville Hike

Had a nice little hike around Lake Fayetteville today. 1 and 2 are Jewelweed, WalEú uniglEgistí “hummingbird, taking soup out of the flower” or Agi'ka'igá “fawn’s knees”. Fresh sap is great for bug bites, nettle stings, and poison ivy. 3 is False Solomon’s Seal, Maianthemum racemosum. The young shoots and leaves can be cooked and eaten be... Continue Reading →

Day 58: Devil’s Den

Hiked around Devil’s Den State Park with some friends. I have a lot of great memories of the place since when I was a kid we’d go camp there pretty much every weekend in the Fall. It’s changed a lot over the years, but is still a wonderful place to wander. Found some medicinals while... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Ozark Medicinal Plant Hike

Today I led a medicinal plant hike with my good friend Eric at Lake Fort Smith State Park. Photo 2 is a May Apple or Arkansas Mandrake. All parts are poisonous except for the ripe yellow fruit. I’ve also heard it called “loosening root” because the root is a powerful emetic and purgative. Even the smallest... Continue Reading →

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