Day 46: The Derby Ram

“The Derby Ram” from Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Folksongs,” based on the Derbyshire ballad. Sung by Charles Ingenthron, Walnut Shade, Mo., June 30, 1940. As I went down to Darby Town, All on a summer day, ‘Twas thereI saw the finest ram That ever fed on hay. Chorus And if you don’t believe me, And think... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Lined-Out Hymnody

This will be a short, but hopefully interesting post. Take a look at the psalm singing in this video from Scotland, or maybe this one also. Now go over and take a look at this hymnody from Kentucky. See any similarities? Well you should. What’s being sung in the latter video traces it’s origin directly back... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Sacred Harp

Today I’d like to make the first in a series of posts on the poetic songs of the Ozarks. This will include both sacred and secular music and in posting these song traditions I hope to show people the beauty and true sophistication of the poetics of Ozark people who have for so long been... Continue Reading →

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