254: Sweet Morning

Sacred Harp 421: Sweet Morning   The happy day will soon appear, And we’ll all shout together in that morning. When Gabriel’s trumpet you shall hear, And we’ll all shout together in that morning. Chorus: Sweet morning, sweet morning, And we’ll all shout together in that morning. Behold the righteous marching, home, And we’ll all... Continue Reading →

253: Idumea

1982 Holly Springs Sacred Harp Convention Doc Watson And Gaither Carlton - And Am I Born To Die? And am I born to die? To lay this body down! And must my trembling spirit fly Into a world unknown? A land of deepest shade, Unpierced by human thought; The dreary regions of the dead, Where... Continue Reading →

Day 216: Repurposing Hymns

Singing is a big part of Ozark folk culture, and the Ozark people have a giant store of great folk ballads and hymns to choose from. I grew up in a church that at least for a little while sang a lot of the old hymns, and while I may not identify with the brand... Continue Reading →

Day 134: The Ozark Folksong Collection

Today I attended the opening ceremonies of the Ozark Folksong Collection here at the University of Arkansas. It's an absolutely amazing digital collection that's taken about 6 years of hard work to build. It centers around the work of Mary Celestia Parler, who I've mentioned many times here, she was one of the best Ozark... Continue Reading →

Day 122: Ozark Folk Songs: “Black Jack Davy”

This is an interesting Ozark folk song. There are about ten versions collected by Mary Celestia Parler alone, and they all have variations on lyrics and titles. Vance Randolph collected a version called "Gypsy Davy" which harkens back to the original English Ballad which has many, many forms and was likely actually based on an Anglo-Romani ballad.... Continue Reading →

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