237: Baby “Marks”

There’s an old folk belief in the Ozarks that when a woman is pregnant and she violates a taboo, or comes into contact with a bad omen, that action will manifest as a specific birthmark on her child. It can also manifest in the personality of the child as in the case of the woman... Continue Reading →

Day 110: Dreams

There are many folk beliefs in the Ozarks surrounding dreams and dream interpretation. Dreams are often used by healers to divine what might be wrong with their patient. Vance Randolph records one such story: “One old lady who has cured warts for a large family says that she just lets ‘em alone until she happens... Continue Reading →

Day 103: Signs of the Gift

In the Ozark tradition of folk healing, or at least as I’ve learned it, there are a few different “signs” that might be on a person, showing that they have the gift for healing or spirit work. Many of these signs can be seen from birth. Children who are born with the “caul”, or a... Continue Reading →

Day 101: Ozark Animal “Tokens”

In Ozark speak a token is an omen or sign, often taken from the activity of certain animals or sometimes the weather.  Here are a few Ozark animal tokens to keep an eye out for. An albino deer is often seen as a sign of some impending doom or witchcraft afoot, usually related to crops... Continue Reading →

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