Day 125: Quakers and Witchcraft

The Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, were often accused of witchcraft in the early days of the movement. The Puritans looked at the mystical experience of the Quakers as being more of the Devil than of God, and felt like this sort of "possession" as it was often referred to, was of the same... Continue Reading →

Day 41: Faith Healing

“Faith Healing” and “Faith Healer” are a couple of those terms that have developed a bad connotation over the years. It brings to mind fervent preachers in expensive suits knocking over old ladies before they turn around and empty their pockets into a collection plate. It’s a sore subject for me, as I consider myself... Continue Reading →

Day 29: The Devil

There’s a lot of folklore and folk beliefs surrounding the Devil in the Ozarks, and it’s no surprise coming out of this very religious culture. There are probably more folk beliefs about the Devil and witches than any other subject. The Devil is often seen as the main perpetrator of sickness and death in the... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Lined-Out Hymnody

This will be a short, but hopefully interesting post. Take a look at the psalm singing in this video from Scotland, or maybe this one also. Now go over and take a look at this hymnody from Kentucky. See any similarities? Well you should. What’s being sung in the latter video traces it’s origin directly back... Continue Reading →

Day 27: Sacred Harp

Today I’d like to make the first in a series of posts on the poetic songs of the Ozarks. This will include both sacred and secular music and in posting these song traditions I hope to show people the beauty and true sophistication of the poetics of Ozark people who have for so long been... Continue Reading →

Day 19: Holy Rollers

Of all the Christian denominations that have made their way through the Ozarks, the Holy Rollers are probably the most interesting for me. I grew up in what at one time would have been a Holy Roller church, although when I was there the crowd was much more subdued that when my parents were young... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Quaker Healing

I can't have a blog about folk healing without talking about some of the faith healing traditions I've encountered over the years. One such tradition comes from my own faith, the Religious Society of Friends, more commonly known as Quakers. This faith healing tradition has deep roots that go back to the fervent Protestant movements... Continue Reading →

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