Day 149: Ozark Recipes

All recipes below are courtesy of the "Bittersweet" magazine.  Sour Cream Sugar Cookies 1 cup thick sour cream 1 cup shortening 2 cups sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp. soda 1 dessert spoon of salt 1 tsp. vanilla 5-6 cups flour Cream together the sour cream, shortening and sugar. Add the vanilla and beat in the... Continue Reading →

Day 47: Recipes

In past posts I’ve mentioned some concoctions I make throughout the year, and I thought I might take some time to give recipes. PLEASE NOTE: there are probably a million different ways to make some of these things, but what I’m setting down here is my way, so keep that in mind.  Cherry Bitters: good... Continue Reading →

Day 45: Making Green Salve

One of my favorite salves to make is green salve. It has a base of beef tallow, and the main herbs I use are plantain, thyme, and comfrey, all of which help to heal pretty much any skin complaint. I use this stuff for bug bites, dry skin, cuts, bruises, rashes, etc. I’ll give y’all... Continue Reading →

Day 38: Fire Tonic

Being out in the pollen filled woods yesterday gave me a little tickle in my throat, so it’s about time to break out the batch of fire tonic I made last Fall. Fire tonic is a mixture of pungent herbs, hot peppers, and apple cider vinegar, used to help open up the sinuses. Let me tell you,... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Spring Tonics: Dandelion Root

The last of the spring tonics that I’d like to talk about is dandelion root. Dandelions have been a staple of the Ozark hillfolk diet for hundreds of years. It’s abundant and all parts of the plant can be used. Part of the importance of the spring tonic is in getting the body systems cleaned... Continue Reading →

Day 34: Spring Tonics: Ozark Spicebush

Ozark Spicebush, Lindera benzoin, or sometimes called Benjamin bush or justBenjamin, is another spring tonic used in the Ozarks. It’s not to be confused with benzoin resin, which is obtained from several species of the Syrax family. It got its name from the spicy, cinnamon-like scent of its leaves and bark, which resembles benzoin resin.... Continue Reading →

Day 33: Spring Tonics: Bitters

Bitters today are mainly used as flavoring in cocktails, but originally they were used medicinally to help treat everything from the common cold to digestive disorders. They can be traced all the way back to Egypt where herbal preparations were allowed to ferment for a time or mixed with wine then the liquid given to... Continue Reading →

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