280: Black Draught

Black Draught, famed laxative known throughout the Appalachians and Ozarks during the late 19th early 20th century. My grandpa mentioned having it in the cabin when he was growing up. Dolly Parton even sang a jingle about the medicine: Smile from the inside out, Smile from the inside out, Black Draught makes you Smile from... Continue Reading →

243: Recipes, Recipes

I’m leading another workshop this weekend, and in addition to the material I presented in the Tincturing Workshop, I’ll also be adding alcohol liniments, salves, and oils to the information sheet. Below is what I’ll be handing out. As always, please consult a medical professional before using any of these preparations, don’t use while using... Continue Reading →

Day 215: Tincturing Workshop

I’m leading a tincturing workshop this Sunday, so I thought it might be nice to share the packet I’m going to be handing out. It includes some tips on alcohol and vinegar tincturing, as well as recipes and some local Ozark yarbs to work into your herbal preparations. Enjoy! Recipe Sheet – Tincturing Workshop Brandon... Continue Reading →

Day 161: Herbal Recipes: Oxymels

I’m starting a series of posts on herbal preparations and giving out some great and easy recipes I use all the time. Here’s the inaugural post: oxymels! Oxymels are sometimes called “sipping vinegars” and are a great way to preserve medicinal herbs. The process basically starts the same way as medicinal vinegars, but then honey... Continue Reading →

Day 156: Ozark Recipes: Squirrel

As Fall finally rolls around and the weather starts growing cooler, some folks start to think about hunting season. For some that means deer but for many others the game of choice this time of the year are rabbits and squirrels, both of which are delicious. Here's a recipe from the "Bittersweet" magazine for squirrel... Continue Reading →

Day 155: Ozark Recipes: Apple Season

It's about to be apple season, probably my favorite time of the year. With it comes cider, apple butter, apple dumplings, and all kinds of tasty treats. The "Bittersweet" magazine has several articles on Ozark apple uses both of which can be found online. One talks about traditional cider making the other about the long... Continue Reading →

Day 152: Ozark Recipes: Corn Dodger

Cornmeal was often a staple of the Ozark hillfolk diet, being worked into many different shapes and forms. One in particular was the "corn dodger" which was something like cornbread, but baked into logs rather than in a round cast-iron skillet. Corn dodger's even mentioned in the Ozark folk song "State of Arkansas": I followed... Continue Reading →

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