Ozark Charmbook – To Beat Witches

These types of charms are some of my favorites. It works on a sympathetic connection between the one working the charm and the "witch" on the other end who, at least in theory, has done some sort of harm that warrants such a response. There are a lot of charms in this genre, most often... Continue Reading →

Ozark Charmbook – To Lay Spirits

Laying spirits is an interesting tradition used to bind certain malicious forces to a spot or into a certain object so that the healer can manipulate or dispel those forces. There are lots of techniques to do this. Below is a charm that uses what I call "drawing out" to remove the power of the... Continue Reading →

Ozark Charmbook Project

In addition to the Ozark Encyclopedia project I’ve started I’m also going to start publishing entries from my Ozark charmbook, a collection of charms and prayers I’ve collected over the years. Now many of these you’ll probably recognize from sources like The Long Lost Friend, Romanus-Büchlein, and others, but these are all charms that can... Continue Reading →

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