Workshop and Plant Walk Schedule

If you're in the Northwest Arkansas area, or are going to be here this summer, I have some exciting learning opportunities for you. Right now I have two plant identification walks and two workshops on the schedule. Details below (can also be found on my website): Saturday May 13, 2017 - Lake Fayetteville Plant Walk ... Continue Reading →

Ozark Charmbook Project

In addition to the Ozark Encyclopedia project I’ve started I’m also going to start publishing entries from my Ozark charmbook, a collection of charms and prayers I’ve collected over the years. Now many of these you’ll probably recognize from sources like The Long Lost Friend, Romanus-Büchlein, and others, but these are all charms that can... Continue Reading →

Something New

I’m currently working on an encyclopedia of Ozark folk magic and medicine, which will eventually be published, but in the mean time I’m going to start publishing entries, from A to Z everyday on my blogs. Because I distinguish between plant based and faith based medicines, I’ll be alternating posts. One day will be an... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone, just wanted to give a little update. I finally passed all my tests and am graduating with my MA this semester, so with that out of the way I’m hoping to be able to write more. Expect some nice posts and adventures this Summer!

Blog Update

As some you of may have noticed my blog posts have been few and far between lately. One of the outcomes of having this semi-successful blog is that my days are becoming busier and busier with talks, lectures, workshops, plant hikes, research, this book I’m currently working that I hope to be able to publish... Continue Reading →

Announcement: Post Title Changes

Just a quick announcement that I’m still doing the Folk Magic 365 series, but that I’ll be switching my labeling from “day #” to just a post number then title. I’ve been skipping some days or doubling up on posts so that the numbering no longer follows the actual number of the day. For my own... Continue Reading →

Folk Magic 365 Post Archive

For those of you who may be new to the blog, you can find an archive of all 220 posts I’ve done so far at this link. Topics range from magic, medicine, and herbalism to folklore, stories, and other interesting bits of information all centered around the Ozark Mountains.

Day 180: Back and Ready to Write

I had a wonderful trip visiting friends in the Appalachians, we wandered the woods, made muscadine wine, drank some muscadine wine (oh so good), laughed, cried, shared a meal with the ancestors, talked about life, and healed each other. I'd never been to that part of the country before, and it was interesting how much... Continue Reading →

Taking a Break

I'm giving myself a little break from writing while I travel. So, expect some new posts when I get back on Wednesday. In the mean time catch up on posts you might have missed in my Folk Magic 365 archives.

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