Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Crawdads

Crawdad bone against syphilis – “I have known hillmen to spend hours and even days searching the rivers for very large crawpappies in order to get the two circular lucky-bones found in their bodies. These are carried in the pockets to ward off syphilis. The bigger the bones the better, and really large lucky-bones are... Continue Reading →

Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Chickens

Chicken gizzard to help with bleeding during childbirth – “If the woman has a really bad ‘bleedin’ they kill a chicken and fasten the warm lining of its gizzard over the affected part, usually burning a few feathers at the same time.” ~Randolph OMF 201 Chicken heart swallowed to make a woman beautiful – “Many... Continue Reading →

Ozark Encyclopedia – C – Cats

Cat’s blood used in curing a sty – “In treating what is known as a sty, it is necessary to cut the end of the cat's tail a bit and apply a few drops of the blood to the sty itself, repeating this performance daily until relief is obtained.” ~Randolph OMF 138 Cat’s blood used... Continue Reading →

Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Buzzards

Body used in treating cancer – “The body of a buzzard is somehow used to treat cancer, but this must be done secretly, for the killing of a buzzard means seven years of crop failure for the whole countryside, and the man who shoots one of these birds is naturally unpopular. Dr. Oakley St. John,... Continue Reading →

Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Black Cats

Black cat tail used in curing granulated eyelids – “The tail of a black cat, drawn across the eye everyday, is the prime remedy for granulated eyelids; some healers even claim to have cured cataract with this simple remedy, reinforced by a few ‘old sayin's.’” ~Randolph OMF 138 Black cat killed and used to cure... Continue Reading →

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