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Full website with more information at ozarkhealing.com 

hs 3My name is Brandon Weston and I’m a spiritual healer, native plant herbalist, folklorist, and writer living in the beautiful Arkansas Ozark mountains. Some of the old terms I like to use include Yarb Doctor and Power Doctor. These are titles that come from within the old Ozark folk healing tradition. Yarb Doctor mean I know the healing plant traditions and that I am a trained herbalist. Power Doctor means I also know the use of healing prayers and songs, passed down from generation to generation.

My work is a living tradition. It’s the work that Ozark healers have been doing for hundreds of years. In the Ozark folkways you can see many other traditions represented. These beliefs and practices, much like the Ozark people who created them, are a mixture of many places, religions, and ways of life. Specific folk traditions that have had a great influence on Ozark folkways include European cunning craft, Cajun/Creole folk medicine, Pennsylvania German folk healing or Braucherei, Native American healing traditions, West African folk traditions, and Central/South American Curanderismo. Part of my work as a folklorist includes looking into all the traditions that have had such a great impact upon Ozark folkways. In looking at where these traditions intersect we can start to understand so much more about our past. While you can look at Ozark folkways and see the fingerprint of all these traditions (as well as many more) Ozark folkways are still very unique to this area and culture, and should be approached with that mindset.

I’m an Arkansan through and through, my home is here in the Ozarks. This is the land where I was born, the land where my parents, my grandparents, and many, many ancestors before that, were born. In this way my work is my own, the spirits I honor are my own, and while my work may be seen as a part of the larger world of Southern US folk healing, there are still practices that may be unique to me as I have learned them. I hold true to those traditions that I’ve been taught and those that have been Spirit led.

I am an active spiritual healer, meaning I take on clients whenever they may need me, both locally and remotely. Like my ancestors before me I view this work as a gift and something that I cannot take money for. So, I do all this work free of charge, but donations are always appreciated and will go toward keeping my workroom stocked with supplies.

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