Ozark Encyclopedia – H – Hole Stones

Use of the hole stones – “Many of the old settlers say that it is good luck to find a rock with a hole in it, but that such a stone found in running water is super lucky. At several homes in the Ozarks I have seen little boxes containing stones with holes in them, placed under the porch or the wooden doorstep. Near Marvel Cave, in Taney county, Missouri, the Lynch sisters who own the cavern used to have a lot of these stones strung on wire; when Nancy Clemens and I visited the place in 1936, Miss Miriam Lynch took down one of these wires and gravely presented each of us with a lucky stone. Some say that lucky stones keep off witches and evil spirits; others tie one of the stones to a bedpost in the belief that it somehow prevents nightmare.” ~Randolph OMF 60

Carried for epileptic fits – “It is believed in some quarters that an epileptic may postpone his attacks by ‘packin’ a flintrock,’ especially if he can find a lucky flint with a hole in it.” ~Randolph OMF 154

Good luck – “Rocks from a river that have holes in them will bring the finder fulfillment of one wish. If they are hung on the bed the will bring good luck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8746

“If you find a rock in White River with a hole in it, you will have good luck.” ~Parler FBA IX 8747

For good dreams – “If you ‘buy’ a White River rock with a hole in it, and hang it on your bed post, you will have pleasant dreams.” ~Parler FBA XV 11407

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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