Ozark Encyclopedia – D – Dime

Behind lip for bleeding gums or nosebleed – “A bright new dime, placed inside the upper lip in front of the teeth, will often cure bleeding gums or even stop nosebleed.” ~Randolph OMF 145

“You can take a dime and put it right up here under your lip (between top front teeth and lip) and hold it down, I always had to hold mine down with my finger.” ~Carter and Krause HRIO 22

Roof of mouth to stop a nosebleed – “Put a dime in the roof of your mouth.” ~Carter and Krause HRIO 22

Worn for strength – “Wear a dime on a string around your ankle to save strength in your legs.” ~Parler FBA II 1204

Carter, Kay & Bonnie Krause Home Remedies of the Illinois Ozarks (HRIO)

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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