Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Bullets

Worn for catarrh – “A large bullet hung at the throat wards off catarrh, but it must be an old fashioned bullet of solid lead; the modern bullets with copper or steel jackets are worthless for this purpose.” ~Randolph OMF 153

Cursing a bullet – “One way of witching a man’s weapon is to steal a bullet from his pouch and fasten it with string to a willow, so that it remains suspended in swift water. The poor fellow’s rifle shakes from that time forward, just as the bullet shakes in the current, and he can never shoot accurately until the spell is removed.” ~Randolph OMF 293

Molding lucky bullets – “When the new moon comes on Friday, it is said to usher in a favorable period for molding bullets; many old folks insist that bullets made at this time are luckier and deadlier than those cast at any other season.” ~Randolph OMF 294

Using human skull for bullets – “It is said also that rifle balls kept in a human skull for awhile become more lethal than ordinary bullets.” ~Randolph OMF 294

Bullet against a witch – “A bullet which has killed a man can be used in some kind of hocus-pocus against witches and is carefully preserved for this purpose.” ~Randolph OMF 294

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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