Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blood

Blood of black animals used in various remedies – “In some places one finds people who believe that the blood of black birds or animals has some special virtue as a treatment for any sort of skin eruption. Only a few miles from the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, two young girls stole a black dog and killed it, in order to use the blood as a remedy for smallpox; they believed that by smearing their faces with the dog’s blood they could avoid being pitted or scarred by the disease.” ~Randolph OMF 147

Drinking fresh blood for lung trouble – “Some hillfolk believe that drinking fresh warm blood is the best treatment for ‘lung trouble’; I knew an elderly couple who sold their farm and moved to a city so that their consumptive daughter could get fresh blood from a slaughterhouse every day.” ~Randolph OMF 94

Jack rabbit blood tea drank for kidneys – “Give dried blood of a jack rabbit made into a tea for kidney trouble.” ~Parler FBA III 2605

Goat blood against snakes – “The blood of a goat rubbed on your hunting boots will keep snakes away from you when hunting.” ~Parler FBA XIII 10725

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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