Ozark Charmbook – To Lay Spirits # 2

Another charm to lay spirits from the Albertus Magnus. This one also works with the idea of threes, along with invoking the blood of Christ as a way of vanquishing the spirit which here is referred to in the last line, “God aid me to vanquish you all.” It’s not clear to me if it’s the spirits that are welcomed in the beginning or those who are participating and benefiting from the work. There’s another charm I know that uses a similar idea in its line, “Three times drink Christ’s own blood or else begone forever.” The idea that unless the spirit participates in the act of communion (and thereby confesses its sins, changes its ways, etc.) it will be banished forever. I’m not sure that it’s the same idea here, but it definitely warrants consideration.

Welcome, ye brethren, be of good cheer, we have partaken of Christ’s blood there and here, and if we had not drank it, yet we surely would do so when next time we met. God the Father who is with me, God the Son who is with thee, God the Holy Spirit who is between us all, that we in peace may part, in peace may call, that never a sword ye may be able to draw, no pistol may fire, no rifle nor cannon discharge. God aid me to vanquish you all.

Found in the Albertus Magnus

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