Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Balmony

Balmony, Balmonia, White Turtlehead – Chelone glabra

Parts used: root, leaf, flower

Traditional uses: Infusion of roots and cedar bark used as a medicinal tea. Infusion of blooms taken for worms, fever, and as a laxative. Used for sores or skin eruptions.

“The leaves have anti-bilious, anthelmintic, tonic and detergent properties, with a peculiar action on the liver, and are used largely in consumption, dyspepsia, debility and jaundice, in diseases of the liver, and for worms in children for which the powder or decoction may be used internally or in injection. As an ointment it is recommended for inflamed tumours, irritable ulcers, inflamed breasts, piles, etc. For long it has been a favourite tonic, laxative and purgative among the aborigines of North America, though their doses render its tonic value doubtful.” ~Grieve MH

Root used for headache – “Balmonia root (Chelone glabra) tea is good to cure a headache.” ~Parler FBA II 2366

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