Ozark Charmbook Project

In addition to the Ozark Encyclopedia project I’ve started I’m also going to start publishing entries from my Ozark charmbook, a collection of charms and prayers I’ve collected over the years. Now many of these you’ll probably recognize from sources like The Long Lost Friend, Romanus-Büchlein, and others, but these are all charms that can be found throughout the Ozarks. Hillfolk here were not without their “black books” I even have an old copy of The Long Lost Friend that was given to me by one of my informants. These would have likely come in with German families from the Southern Appalachians.

Where I can I will cite the source for the charm, but some are variations or completely new ones that I’ve picked up during my folklore collecting sessions, so they may not be able to be traced back to published collections. This is an interesting part of the Ozark healing tradition that I’m truly excited to share.

Look for posts from this project interspersed between my encyclopedia entries.

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