Ozark Encyclopedia – A – Apples

Buried in cemetery to cure goiter – “A goiter is said to be reduced by applying the two halves of an apple, after which the patient eats one half and buries the other half in a cemetery. Some old-timers contend that the part buried must be put into the coffin of a friend of the opposite sex, with whom the patient had been intimate.” ~Randolph OMF 148

Apple seeds used to divine for love – “Some folk name two apple seeds for a boy and a girl, and drop them on a hot fire shovel; if the seeds move closer together, the boy and girl will marry, but if the seeds spring apart, the boy and girl will separate.” ~Randolph OMF 184

Apple seeds to choose between suitors – “Apple seeds are also used by a girl to see which of her suitors she should accept; she names a seed for each lover, moistens the whole lot and sticks them on her forehead. The seed which adheres longest represents the most ardent and persistent of her admirers, and the one who will make the most satisfactory husband.” ~Randolph OMF 184

Dried apple tea for stomachache – “Take dried apples and put in a cup and put warm water over them. Let set for 30 minutes and drink it and it will settle a sick stomach.” ~Parler FBA III 3293

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

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