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I’m currently working on an encyclopedia of Ozark folk magic and medicine, which will eventually be published, but in the mean time I’m going to start publishing entries, from A to Z everyday on my blogs. Because I distinguish between plant based and faith based medicines, I’ll be alternating posts. One day will be an entry dedicated to a plant or ingredient that is either consumed or made into a specific medicinal preparation, then the next day will be everything else that covers the more “magical” side of folk healing, that aren’t necessarily consumed by the patient but used more in a sympathetic way. For example, nails, string, bones, etc. My main goal with this book has been to not only include my own commentary on the items and ingredients commonly used in Ozark folk medicine, but to include quotes from the folklorists themselves, like Vance Randolph, Mary Parler, Otto Ernest Rayburn, etc. As it is there’s no work connecting all these individual pieces of folk knowledge, which is what I’m working to correct. I think it’ll be interesting for anyone who enjoys looking at Ozark/Appalachian folkways.

Each entry will then be housed here on my blog, and my website for reference.

Keep an eye out for the first entry tomorrow.

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