Day 206: Osage Plant Names, part 1

I’m currently working on collecting Osage plant names from Francis La Flesche’s A Dictionary of the Osage Language, I’m also working on learning what I can of the language. For those of you who don’t know about La Flesche, he was America’s first Native American ethnologist, of Omaha, Ponca, and French descent. His work is a great resource for information on the language and traditions of the Omaha and Osage.

So, here’s part one of the plant list. I will say that the pronunciation of the Osage language has shifted away from what was recorded by La Flesche in the early 1900′s, so I’m not going to provide any pronunciation guide. This is mainly for my reference. I will be working more on this in the future, and I hope to be able to track down more resources on Osage ethnobotany so that I can verify these plants and names.

If there are any Osage speakers out there who come across this post please contact me at I’m very interested in talking to you!

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