Day 185: Ozark Ghost Tales: The Black-Oak Ghost



From Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“Members of the McDowell family, pioneers in Stone county, Missouri, tell of a ha’nt that used to live in a big black-oak tree, just across the James River from Galena, near the Fred McCord farm. The McDowell children would slip down the road sometimes just at dusk and stand well back from the haunted tree, keeping an eye out for the ghost to appear. Soon or late one of them would see ‘something white a-risin’ in the underbrush, upon which they all screamed and lit out for home at top speed. Nobody ever stopped for a second look, and therefore no detailed description of the ‘black-oak ghost’ is available, but at least two generations of the McDowell clan were firm believers in it.”

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