Day 183: Ozark Ghost Tales: Raw Bones and Bloody Meat



From Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“There is an old tale often told to children about a family that had just finished butchering hogs. That night, after they had all gone to bed, they heard a voice cry out: ‘Where’s my hog’s feet at?’ The old man got out of bed but saw nothing. Pretty soon the voice was heard again: ‘I want my hog’s feet !’ The man jumped up again, and the old woman told him to keep a-lookin’ till he found the intruder. Finally he peered up the chimney and sprang back as though amazed. ‘God-a-mighty I’ he cried. ‘What’s them big eyes for?’ A long pause, and then came the deep-voiced answer: ‘To see you with.’ The old man turned away from the fireplace, but came back in a moment to ask: ‘What’s them big claws for?’ There was a hollow groan from the chimney, then the strange voice boomed: ‘To dig your grave with!’ This quieted the old fellow for awhile, but a few minutes later he quavered: ‘What’s that big bushy tail for?’ A long silence, then the reply: ‘To sweep off your grave with.’ No more questions were put for some time, but finally the old gentleman couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. ‘What’s them big teeth for?’ he cried. ‘TO EAT YOU UP WITH!’ At this point the story-teller’s voice rises to a scream, and he jumps at the listening child with a great show of teeth.”

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