Day 179: Ozark Ghost Tales: Kitty Rollins



From Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“Here’s a fragment of another juvenile tale, salvaged in Christian county, Missouri, some years ago: A traveler was a-ridin’ along and he come to a ha’nted house. It was plumb full of cats. There was cats runnin’ all over the place, and even up on the roof. A great big cat come up to the traveler and says: ‘When you git to the next house, you stop and tell ’em that old Kitty Rollins is dead.’ So the next house he come to, the traveler got down and went in. The house was empty except for an old bedraggled-lookin’ cat settin’ in the corner by the fireplace. ‘Well,’ says the traveler, ‘I come to tell you that old Kitty Rollins is dead.’ The old cat jumped up and says ‘By God, I’ll be king yet!’ and out of the door he run.”

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