Day 175: Ozark Ghost Tales: The Ghost Wife



From Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“In several widely separated localities I have heard the story of a savage, ill-tempered woman who was always fighting with her husband. She died suddenly, and some people thought the man must have poisoned her, but the doctors found no evidence of poison. After her death, the widower continued to live in the old house. Neighbors heard noises, as if he was still fighting with his wife. Dishes breaking, shouts and curses, furniture being thrown around, and so on. One neighbor rushed over there, and found the man sitting quietly in front of the fire. All the racket seemed to be in the lean-to kitchen. The neighbor could plainly hear the woman cursing ; he recognized her voice as well as certain unusual cuss words and obscene phrases to which she had been partial in life. ‘Don’t get excited,’ said the widower quietly. ‘She ain’t mad at nobody but me.'”

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