Day 153: Ozark Recipes: Cooking with Cornmeal



Since we had a post about corn dodgers yesterday, I thought I’d give a few more recipes involving cornmeal. These are from the “Bittersweet” magazine, which as you have probably been able to tell,  I’m a big fan of and is a great resource for Ozark recipes.

Corn Bread

Sift all corn meal to take out bran. Make the amount according to your pan [about 2 cups for 8x8x2 inch pan].

salt [1/2 tsp.]
soda [1 tsp.]
egg [1]
buttermilk [about 1 cup or until a firm, but pourable consistency]
a little shortening if you like [3 Tbs., melted]

Mix all together. Bake in a warm oven (375°) till brown. Serve while hot. [Serves 6]

Crackling Bread (Corn Sticks)

1 qt. corn meal
1 pt. cracklings
3 tsp. salt
Boiling water

Mix the corn meal and salt. Pour over this mixture enough boiling water to moisten, but not enough to make a. mush. When meal has cooled, work the cracklings into it with your fingers. Form the dough into cakes about 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick. Bake at 450° around 30 minutes and serve while very hot.

Corn Meal Mush

Take boiling water [about 1 qt.] with salt, stir in your meal [1 1/2 cups] until it gets thick like you want it [about like cream of wheat]. Serve in sweet milk, or slice and fry until brown. Or use your mush like breakfast food with cream and sugar. Just guess how much you want as to how many would like it.

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