Day 136: Ozark Folk Songs: “Shady Grove”



Shady Grove my little love,
Shady Grove I say,
Shady Grove my little love,
I’m bound to go away.

Cheeks as fine as a blooming rose,
And eyes the prettiest brown,
She’s the darling of my heart,
Sweetest girl around.

I wish I had a fine big horse,
And corn to feed him on,
I wish I had little Shady Grove,
To feed him when I’m gone.

When I was a little boy,
I wanted a Barlow knife,
Now I want little Shady Grove,
To say she’ll be my wife.

Last time I saw little Shady Grove,
She was standing in the door,
Shoes and stockings in her hands,
And little bare feet on the floor.

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