107: Ozark ABC’s

This is something I came up with, mostly for fun, but also to help myself remember certain Ozark folk beliefs. I can come up with a lot more and might make another post sometime.


A is for Asafetida, hung around the neck.

B is for Booger Dog, stalking through the night.

C is for Caul, a sign of the “gift”

D is for Dishrag, milked by a witch.

E is for Egg, sucks out sickness.

F is for Feather-Crown, an omen of death.

G is for Granny, a midwife and healer.

H is for Haint, a spirit that lingers.

I is for Ironwood, planted by the Devil.

J is for Jaundice, cured with cooked worms.

K is for Katydid, to bite off a wart.

L is for Luck, a horseshoe hanging prongs up.

M is for Madstone, a treatment for rabies.

N is for Needle, means death if it’s broken.

O is for Old Christmas, celebrated January the 6th.

P is for Pawpaw, a witch-tree for sure.

Q is for Quilting, a shaken up cat.

R is for Rattlesnake, king of the holler.

S is for Screech Owl, burns down your cabin.

T is for Thunder, never called by that name.

U is for Urine, boiled as a remedy.

V is for Vinegar, a cure for sore throat.

W is for Wraith, someone’s double in spirit.

X is for X, encircled for protection.

Y is for Yarb, plants used for medicine.

Z is for Zodiac, for planting and healing.

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