Day 96: A Frog Story



Told by Otis Williams in Wesley, AR, on May 6, 1962. Collected for Mary Celestia Parler by Patti Barrow, Linda K. Wilson, and Dottie Rumph.

Once upon a time a woman known as Mother Arns lived near a lake. One night all the frogs wanted to get acquainted with her. They came to her door and commenced to hollering, “Old Mother Arns, Old Mother Arns, Old Mother Arns.” Well, she came out to see what they wanted. They hopped back to the edge of the water and commenced to hollering, “Knee deep, knee deep, knee deep.” And she started wading in. She got a little past her knees and the frogs commenced to hollering, “You’ll drown, you’ll drown, you’ll drown.” And she run back into the house and wouldn’t ever come out again. Ever since that the frogs say, “Garump, garump, garump.”

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