Day 45: Making Green Salve

One of my favorite salves to make is green salve. It has a base of beef tallow, and the main herbs I use are plantain, thyme, and comfrey, all of which help to heal pretty much any skin complaint. I use this stuff for bug bites, dry skin, cuts, bruises, rashes, etc.

I’ll give y’all the basic recipe for green salve. You can add other herbs to this for whatever you might need. I have a version that also includes camphor that’s pretty amazing.

So this is for about 18.5 ounces of beef tallow. Put the tallow in a crockpot on high until it’s all melted. All herbs should be dried as it will take a lot longer for the water to come out of fresh herbs in the tallow, and any moisture in the final product can lead to molding and spoilage. Add about 2 cups of plantain leaf, ¾ c. thyme, and ¾ c. comfrey leaf. Let it all sit on low for about 4-5 hours. Strain off the herbs, then add a couple tablespoons of vitamin E oil as a preservative, and about ½ tablespoon of white thyme essential oil. Stir then bottle. Let stand until solid. Green salve can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. It will have a grainy texture because of heating then cooling the tallow, but it still works.

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