A Diamond in the Rough


Here’s another good interview with Ozark Granny Woman Ella Ingenthron Dunn.

“A Diamond in the Rough” by Carla Roberts Photography by Doug Sharp, from Volume IV, No. 3, Spring 1977 issue of “Bittersweet” magazine.

On a beautiful early spring day we stood beside Bear Creek in Taney County, some of us wading in the icy water and climbing on the big rocks. Behind us was a country road squeezed between the creek and foliage-covered limestone bluffs. Just up the road, built against the hill marking the edge of the creek bottom, was the one story home where we had just enjoyed a farm dinner in the company of Ella Dunn and her companion Ruth Branstetter.

We had been drawn naturally to the creek which had played such a part in Ella’s life. We stood there silently enjoying the unusual warmth, listening to the birds and the noise of the water rushing over the rocks worn smooth over countless years.

Did you ever think of it, that that’s why we are here? Ella said. We’re a diamond in the rough, and when the Lord rolls us around here enough that we’re polished, He’ll take us home.

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